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Textbook Silliness

Check out these textbooks images:

Textbook Silliness

Image by Mullenkedheim
Our old English textbooks are pretty laughtastic. Our new ones aren't much better.

This is Lisa. Lisa is Canadian. Lisa was written out of the new edition of the textbook, and replaced with some British bitch who whines all the time about people asking her about chopsticks and where she's going.

Lisa's gimmick is retarded hand positioning. Try to imitate Lisa's hands in this picture, and then ask yourself if that's a position any normal person would adopt on their own, naturally.

Textbook cover

Image by anselm23
My friend N. made a cover for a friend's daughter's history textbook.
It looks like a Defense against the Dark Arts textbook with silver
trim (air conditioner tape), white cloth, and a gem-filled cufflink
for a closure frog. Kinda cool. Photo is mine, design is his.

Textbook Buyback Tent

Image by DataGazetteer
The Budgetext drive-through textbook buyback tent near Ohio State Unviersity. For more details, see: dltj.org/article/drivethru-textbook-buyback/

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